Institute Ensembles

In ethnomusicology there is now a long history of employing the method of learning to perform as a research tool in the investigation of music. It has been developed by the American ethnomusicologist Mantle Hood who used to call it "bi-musicality" and implemented it at the University of California in Los Angeles (UCLA) in the 1950s already. For various reasons, up till now this strategy has rarely been adopted in the German-speaking countries where the KUG is the only university so far owning a complete set of original gamelan instruments from Central Java which are employed regularly in academic courses as well as for weekly rehearsals of the university gamelan group. At present, the following ensembles which give the opportunity to gain some first-hand experience with various non-Western music traditions are offered at the institute:



Xylophone music from Uganda




Balinese Gamelan:

gamelan beleganjur - procession music from Bali





Javanese Gamelan:

gamelan jawa - classical music from Java





Xylophone music from Mexico