Latin America


For more than 20 years Helmut Brenner has been investigating the music of Central and South America focusing on political, social, and economic influences on the respective musical traditions. At the Institute of Ethnomusicology one special area of interest in research as well as in academic teaching is

Mexican marimba music. We also have an ensemble performing marimba music on original instruments from Chiapas/Mexico. There is a cooperation agreement between the University of Music and Performing Arts Graz and the Universidad de Ciencias y Artes de Chiapas which results in a steady exchange of faculty members as well as students from both institutions.




Aspects in music and dance and their interdependence in the Tango Argentino are Kendra Stepputat's research topic. Tango Argentino is seen as a cosmopolitan culture, with a focus on current European characteristics and practices. Further topics are the worldwide organisation, structure and interconnectedness of the tango scene(s), trends and revival phenomena, and tango DJing as performance culture.

A main focus is the "tango danceability", a topic that is looked at from several perspectives within ethnomusicology, taking sociological as well as music- and dance-analytical aspects into account.