Balinese Gamelan

KUG's Balinese gamelan beleganjur ensemble is called 'Balagita', which means
'sound warrior'.

Gamelan beleganjur is a music ensemble from Bali, played by 20-30 players. The instruments consist of hanging gongs, tuned kettle gongs of various sizes, drums, and cymbals. The beleganjur ensemble is a procession gamelan. It is loud, wild, rhythmical, and exciting. In Bali, beleganjur music accompanies processions at temple festivals, cremation ceremonies and New Year celebrations, among manyother occasions. Because the group moves while playing, all instruments are carried by the players themselves.  Another form of beleganjur has been developed in recent decades, the so-called / kreasi baru /, modern compositions that are specifically created for staged performances or competitions. In gamelan beleganjur Balagita, both processional music and new, modern compositions arerehearsed and performed.

While a hierarchy in the ensemble’s instruments is noticeable, this does not mean that some instruments or their players are more important than others. Good music can only be created if everyone plays together and in harmony with the whole group. All members and instruments in the ensemble are of the same value, only their functions and interactions are different.

Balagita currently rehearses every Thursday at 6.30pm in room 141 of the Reiterkaserne, also known as the Gamelan Room.

New members to Balagita are always welcome!

Contact: Kendra Stepputat