KUG Institute 13 - Institute for Ethnomusicology Prizes for the Best BA and Best MA Theses in Ethnomusicology


To recognize the most distinguished BA and MA theses written in either English or German on a topic in ethnomusicology or related disciplines.


The Institute for Ethnomusicology at Kunstuniversität Graz welcomes all BA and MA students to submit their theses to be considered for this prize. The prize recognizes excellent work in ethnomusicology or related disciplines. Eligible theses will normally have been advised by members of Institute 13, but exceptions (from other Institutes participating in the KUG and KFU Inter-University musicology programs) can be made with good argument in the application. Theses submitted for consideration should already have been officially accepted and graded. MA students must have completed their oral exam prior to consideration for the prize. Self-nominations and nominations by others will be considered equally.

The jury for the competition will normally consist of 4 people: the Professor of Institute 13 ; the Chair of the Institute (when not the Professor); one or two members of the Institute’s teaching staff; and one student who has not also applied for the prize in that particular cycle. (Designated alternates allowed.)

The winners of this prize receive a small award and a certificate signed by the Professor of the Institute, the Chair of the Institute (when not the Professor), and the student’s advisor. The name of the winner and the title of the work will be listed on the Institute’s website and announced in the ICTM-Ö and KUG newsletters.

Application Process

Candidates should compile a letter of application containing the information requested below and send it, along with an electronic copy of the thesis (including information about how to access relevant audio and visual materials) to the Institute Administrator - Frau Doris Schweinzer <doris.schweinzer (at) kug.ac.at> no later than 1 May for MA theses or 1 November for BA theses. Theses completed after the designated date in any given academic year will be considered in the following year’s competition. Winners will be selected before the end of the semester in which the work is submitted. Prizes will be awarded at the Institute’s end-of-semester celebrations (either Winter or Summer, as appropriate). Students need not be enrolled at the time of the award competition (although their theses must have been completed within the previous three semesters) nor must they attend the ceremony, although it is hoped that they will receive the award in person. Theses may only be submitted once for this prize competition.

Letter of Application should contain the following information:

  • Name of student
  • Name of supervisor
  • Name of student’s university, primary institute, and discipline
  • Title of Thesis, date submitted, and result (if available)
  • Abstract - no more than 300 words
  • List of keywords related to the thesis
  • Statement explaining primary results of the work, why the research is important, and for whom.


Given prizes