Post-Symposium Excursion

The Post-Symposium Excursion will take us to Riegersburg (June 16th midday till 18th afternoon.) Information about the highlights of the trip is available here:

Post-Symposium Excursion to Riegersburg (pdf)

The excursion is not part of the official program yet is designed and arranged especially for participants of the symposium.

As the registration for the symposium approaches, registration for the post-symposium excursion will open as well. Please register for both the symposium and the excursion with the registration form for presenters or participants.

Prices for the two day excursion are:  single room 215 €
                                                            double room 195 €

The excursion will start at Retzhof right after the symposium closes (16th July, 2 pm). At the end of the excursion, participants will be brought back to Graz by bus (18th July, around noon), from where you can continue your journey individually.