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Reaching the Retzhof 


Schloss Retzhof
Dorfstraße 17
A-8430 Leitring/Wagna

Retzhof on Google Maps


The Retzhof is located in Leitring, a district of the small town of Leibnitz, 40 km to the Southeast of Graz.

Leibnitz Hauptbahnhof (main station) is the closest train station to the Retzhof. You can reach Leitring and the Retzhof from Leibnitz in various ways:

The Retzhof has its own busstop "Leitring Retzhof" that can be reached via Bus 615 from Leibnitz Hauptbahnhof (main station).

Bus 615 schedule

However, the bus operates rather seldomly. Alternatively you can take a taxi from the main station, which will bring you to the Retzhof in 5 minutes (2.5 km).



By Plane

Graz has an airport that offers connections to many European cities:

If you arrive at the airport, you can either take the commuter train S 5 to Leibnitz Hauptbahnhof (main station) or go by taxi directly to the Retzhof (about 30 minutes). Be aware that you need to buy the train tickets at the station before entering the train.

S 5 schedule   (train from the airport to Leibnitz)

By taxi from the airport to the Retzhof will take about 30 minutes and cost approximately 50,- €.


You can also fly to Vienna airport, which offers even more connections world-wide:

To reach Leibnitz from Vienna you can take the train, which will take about 4 hours (see "by train"). You can also take the long distance bus from Vienna to Graz, see section "by bus".



By Train

If you plan on going to the Retzhof via train (to Leibnitz Hauptbahnhof / main station), you will find all relevant connections, prices and times on the ÖBB website:

ÖBB train connections

The commuter train S 5 is the line that connects Leibnitz Hauptbahnhof to Graz, to the airport, and to Maribor (Slovenia):

S 5 schedule



By Bus

A rather new connection from Graz to several European cities is by long distance bus. It is a valid alternative to travelling by train, if the connection is suitable for your travel needs. You will find all relevant information on the Flixbus website:

Long Distance Bus connections



By Car

If you arrive by car, you either enter "Retzhof - Dorfstraße 17 - Leitring" to your route guidance system, or follow the instructions on this map provided by the Retzhof. The closest highway is A9 / E 59, exit "Leibnitz".

Map with directions to Retzhof: