Korean drumming workshop for beginners

Dr. Simon Mills

19. Mai 2022, 13.30 Uhr, Reiterkaserne, Gamelan Raum (141)

The hourglass drum janggu is one of the most widespread musical instruments from Korea. It is used in most of traditional musical practices, from the court to the countryside, but it has also found its way in contemporary popular music, and Korean drumming groups organized around the janggu all over the world. Since 1999, Dr. Simon Mills has been exploring the wonderfully varied drum rhythms of South Korean shamanism through systematic analysis, guidance from practitioners, and personal experimentation. In this workshop, he will offer an introduction to the energetic druming of chasan nongak, a farmer's percussion dance. You can see an example of this fascinating practice in the following video:

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This workshop is aimed at beginners, no previous knowledge is required!

Dr. Simon Mills

Dr. Simon Mills is an ethnomusicologist specialising in South Korean music, music’s roles in ritual and healing contexts, systems of musical representation (terminology and notation systems), musical analysis, and performance theory. His main area of expertise is Korean shaman music, which he has researched extensively in the field, working with both charismatic and non-charismatic ritualists. More recently, his research has branched out to explore Korean Buddhist chanting practices and amateur music-making in communities. Dr. Mills is based in the Music Department of Durham University, UK.